Dear students and parents,

Welcome to grade 5! I am excited to work with all of you. We have a great group of excited and enthusiastic learners who are eager to learn.  A friendly reminder to please subscribe to my blog for homework and other updates. 


Our first unit in science is all about forces and machines. 

Here is an overview of key learning components for the unit:

By the end of the unit students will be expected to:
-Identify the six different simple machines; lever, wedge, inclined plane, pulley, screw, wheel.
-Classify the six different machines into everyday devices that are used.
-Exploring and comparing the different simple machines for identical tasks.(Choosing the right machine(s) for the right job) Recognize several examples of heavy machines that contain simple machines.


Here is a quick glance at the areas of math that will be covered in the first term.

Whole Numbers 
Represent and describe numbers to1 000 000Use different strategies to estimate sums and differences …